Whatever Happened to Space Combat Simulators??

I used to buy about a game a month although that’s really slowed down recently.  The most recent game I bought was LA Noire and before that I hadn’t bought a new game for about 3 or 4 months.  Lately I haven’t been finding very much originality in new games coming out for the most part. [...]

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Entry Dedicated to a Stranger

Allow me to share a story with my faithful followers and how my faith in humanity was raised up just a notch due to the kindness of two people I didn’t know very well.  Their act of kindness really saved my ass and if by chance they ever read this I just want them to [...]

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The End of Free

  I’m noticing more and more that the days of customer perks and free stuff is dead.  It’s a little annoying to me when I ask for a pack of matches and they want to charge me 5 cents or filling up my tires at the gas station and having to pay a dollar.  Whatever [...]

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Random Thoughts from Camping

Random thoughts after camping in Kananaskis in the Alberta Rockies All things considered I had a pretty good time and actually don’t have much to complain about ● Weather in the mountains is wild, it will go from beautiful and sunny out to rain and thunder to beautiful out in the span of 10 minutes.  You [...]

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Stripping in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan it is illegal to strip and consume alcohol in the same establishment.  It’s one of those head scratcher backwards laws enacted by the NDP several years ago that really doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Although our current government doesn’t really seem to eager to change it despite the rest of Canada having strip clubs [...]

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