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The Saskatoon Ex(pensive)

The Saskatoon Ex(pensive)

The last 5-6 years I’ve always avoided the Saskatoon Ex and flatly refused to go.  The Ex is for those of you that may be unfamiliar is our little carnival/fair type thing with games and rides and shows and junk food that comes once a year for 5 days.  Although this year I had a bit of a change of heart because they were having an awesome concert playing there that I couldn’t miss which was Danko Jones, Hinder and Three Days Grace.  I’ve always really liked Three Days Grace and Hinder and I got nothing against Danko Jones.  Although I’m not able to give you a full review as I entirely missed Danko Jones and 3-4 songs from Three Days Grace’s set (we left before they played the encore to beat traffic)  No this article will be mostly devoted to how annoying and how much of a rip off the Ex is.

Before I get into that I thought I was in Fort Knox or I was going to meet the President with the security that they had at this concert.  First of all they gave you a thorough pat down, checking everything in your pocket.  Secondly they completely went through your bag, and not just a quick glance, they lifted stuff up, checked the little pockets.  Also you couldn’t bring any bottles of anything in whether they were empty or not.   Then after a 3rd round of security guards gave you one more visual inspection you were able to finally get into the concert.  There were probably a 1000 people there and 50 security guards along with a dozen police officers.  You could only smoke in one certain area and got almost screamed at by this grumpy old security guard because we lit up about 20 feet away.   Once we left we could not get in through the out gate even though everyone had gone inside by then and had to get our tickets checked again.  You couldn’t walk to the stands the one way because heaven forbid you walked through the no alcohol zone for about 6 feet.  Man, it was nuts and being treated like some criminal sheep being herded around really took away from what was otherwise an awesome concert.  All that shit so people wouldn’t sneak in booze and they could charge 6 bucks a pop for a can of beer.

Now first off let me say, the Ex can be fun, the rides are good, Superpasses are a pretty good deal and gives you unlimited rides all day for 32 dollars, it’s fun to walk around and I enjoy looking around the booths that they have to browse around in the PrairieLand convention centre.  There are also a lot of charities and community groups that make a lot of money from the Ex.

I guess the biggest gripe I have it with is it’s just an endless money pit, it’s so friggin expensive.  I imagine it would be upwards of 200-300 dollars to take a small family with you.

Let’s just say you did not buy a Superpass, you forgot or you’re from out of town or something and you’re bringing your 2 children.

Parking – $7.00
Admission – $13.00 an adult plus $9.00/youth – $31.00
Unlimited Ride Wristband – $42.00×2 – $84.00
Lunch time – 3x$8.00/hamburger + 2x$5.00 fries + 3x$3.00 drinks – $43.00 (8 bucks for a friggin hamburger)
Play a few impossible to win to games to win some crappy prize worth three bucks – 6x$3.00 – $18.00
Snack Time – Candy Apple – $4.00×2 + $3.00×2 drinks – $14.00
Spudnuts – $6.00×2 – $12.00
That’s a grand total of $209.00 for a family of 3 to enjoy a few of the things the Ex has to offer.  The sky is the limit if you want to get into old west photos, fortune telling, gambling along with the tons of other ways to spend money there.  It would probably be upwards of $300 if it was a family of 4.

Let’s try another configuration.

A couple who wants to just walk around, maybe check out a few rides, play some games and make an enjoyable evening out of it.

Parking – $7.00
Admission – $13×2 – $26.00
Play a few games – $24.00
The Octopus Ride – 10 tickets for 2 people – $10.00
The Ferris Wheel – 12 tickets for 2 people – $12.00
Mega Drop – see Ferris wheel – $12.00
2 hamburgers – 2x$8.00 + large fries – $5.00 = $21.00
Beer 4x$5.50 – $22.00
Corndog  to share – $6.00

A grand total of $140 for a few hours, that’s just to go on a few rides, have a bite to eat and a few beer.

I mean it’s supposed to be a nice thing you can take your family but they just rape you.  Again just like the Bendioun Soundclash concert, it’s like your being penalized for having fun.   I’m sorry but I don’t really make enough to be blowing hundreds of dollars for a few hours of fun unless that fun involves things that I should not mention in my blog, hehe.

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One Response to “The Saskatoon Ex(pensive)”

  1. Liza says:

    Especially if you’re doing whatever it is that makes people find your blog when they search for ‘rape craven sask big valley’!!! LOL!! I’m still laughing about that one! But yeah, I agree with you. Our Expo (same thing as your “Ex”) is also a money-grabbing fair where prices can become ridiculous (for the average South African family that is!) But I have to say it is nowhere near as expensive as yours. I know we must keep salaries and the cost of living in mind if we want to compare Canada and SA, but here’s how much you’d pay for some stuff at our Expo:
    Beer R10-00 = CAN $1-42
    Hot dog R15-00 = CAN $2-14
    Hamburger R20-00 = CAN $2-85
    Man, you should come party here; you’d certainly get your money’s worth!! :D

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