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Blondes are Annoying and Boring

Blondes are Annoying and Boring

If you were to line up all my ex girlfriends one thing you would notice that they all had in common is the lack of blonde hair.  I’m all about the brunettes & redheads and combinations of the two.  I would take a brunette with dark eyes and nice curves over some flighty skinny blonde chick any day.  I’ve never really had a thing for blondes and they’ve always seemed uninteresting to me.

I’m not talking about dirty blonde or strawberry or any kind of ‘off blonde’ colour, I’m talking about blondes.  You know like Farah Fawcett and Britney Spears blonde.  Biologically, the color of someone’s hair should not dictate their personality but it seems to very much with blondes.  I know generalizations are bad but over the years I’ve met very few blondes that I found interesting that I was able to have a worthwhile conversation with.  Although most of the time blondes barely talk to me so finding one that was even allowed to strike up a conversation with me was a feat in itself.  Like since they have blonde hair they’re only allowed to talk to douche bags and cowboys.

If you go to the bar and look across the dance floor, you just see this sea of blonde hair, it’s just all these women that are trying to look exactly the same.  Where’s the originality, why do you want to look like everyone else?  We’re not China, not everyone needs to have the same hair colour. Some girls aren’t just satisfied with having simply blonde hair.  It needs to be this like glow in the dark mutant super blonde hair that is almost a white color.  Like every strand of hair has had the color and life sucked out of it.  That’s another thing, the blonde I’m talking about isn’t a naturally occurring colour, it doesn’t exist in nature, it’s a 100% fake and 100% boring, much like their personality.

The two celebrities that I hate more than any living person in this world, Paris Hilton & Britney Spears, guess what color their hair is? Another thing I have found is that blondes are just drama queens that always have to cause trouble.  How many times have you been drinking with a blonde and she started crying?  Next time you see a girl crying, check out the colour of her hair, 100 bucks says she’s a blonde.    You know those girls that go to the bar with no money and expect guys to buy them drinks all night, yeah…

It astounds me that the lengths that some of these women with dark hair go through to have blonde hair.  Like their hair pretty much needs to be completely fried and stripped of any life it had.    Then they have to go back to the salon 2 or 3 times to completely get all the color out.  They also have to sit at the salon all day.  I’ve talked to women who work in the salon industry who basically says it kills their hair when they do it.  Then after that they have to buy all these special expensive shampoos and conditioners and all this crap to retain the color better.  The whole thing probably will end up costing them 200-300 dollars.  Then after a few months their roots will start to show so they have to repeat the whole process.   Why go through all this trouble?  You want to be perceived as stupid?  And all the other unfortunate stereotypes that go along with having hair like that.  I mean look at movies and television shows, almost all the characters that have blonde hair are usually stupid, sluts or drama queens.  I’ve seen women with beautiful dark brown/black hair dye their hair to try and be blonde and the results are never pretty.  It’s like “why would you do that??”.  It’s like having a fantastic set of breasts and getting a breast reduction to an A cup.   Also I’ve observed the personality transformation that these women go through, like the blonde dye seeped into their brain and caused changes in their brain chemistry because when they get the hair then they start living up to the stereotype.  Look at celebrities like Kelly Osborne & Avril Lavigne, as soon as they went blonde, they ceased to be interesting or original.

This girl's hair look disgusting and unhealthy at the doctors office. I don't think it's possible to be more blonde.

So in conclusion, I think blondes are boring.  I don’t think blondes have more fun and I think that if you are thinking about dying your hair to this crazy platinum blondissma blonde, don’t.   I’ll bet you look 100% better the way you are now and I think you’ll want to hang onto your ability to talk without saying um or like every second word.

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5 Responses to “Blondes are Annoying and Boring”

  1. wegwrewer says:

    Kelly Osbourne was ever interesting? I thought she was little more than an entitled, piggish troll of a woman.

    • admin says:

      Well, maybe she was a bit irritating but at least she had some originality. Now she’s just another skinny dime a dozen C list Hollywood actress.

  2. brunettessuckdick says:

    lol blondes do occur naturally. mostly in Norway and Sweden. you are obviously super jealous you got the common shit colored hair. YOU are the boring one. there are billions juts like you. A dime a dozen

    • Bryce says:

      At least I know how to use proper punctuation. Hehe

    • Blonde is Boring says:

      It does not matter if naturally occurring or not. I totally agree with this, and your idea that brown hair is “shit colored” reveals you to be a stuck up racialist. The billions look better than the small group of freaks. Sounds like you did not like what the author said, but too bad. Most guys find blondes boring and unintersting. Especially if they are fake blondes and have fake boobs and are skinny.

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